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Surtsey the Cat


Hardback Edition 2013


Synopsis of Book 'Surtsey the Cat' 'Surtsey the Cat' is a glossy, hard-backed children's book, about A4 in size; a story/picture book for ages 2 to 6 years. Surtsey is an extraordinary, lovable, ginger striped cat who secretly hides on his master's fishing boat and ends up out at sea. Suddenly there is a monster storm and accidentally he falls into the Icelandic sea. His fears, adventures and fun begin here. In this book there are miniature creatures, shells, whales, otters, a mermaid, tiny sea-creatures and swirling seas in a kaleidoscope of colours. Surtsey makes friends and has lots of adventures some, scary. Eventually, Surtsey finds his master's boat by recognizing the fishing nets and is happily rescued. The original illustrations have been hand-painted in Designer's gouache in jewel-like colours which display a rich array of detail of fishing boats, sea-storms, sea-monsters, and various sea creatures throughout this adventure genre. Hilary Roper is an author and illustrator of children's books. Her first book called 'Macfaddion's Finest Hour' published by Quay publishing, was recommended by Prince Charles, for the original set of illustrations to go on exhibition with the National Trust, (the set having been valued highly by Sotheby's). Hilary Roper is a professional author and illustrator painting in intricate detailed colour and textural patterning and every page, in keeping with the traditional Russian fairytales has a stunning border. She knows children love detail. She says, 'there little lives are interwoven with detail all around them, that is how they learn.' There is some phonetic patterning in this book also to encourage phonetic learning and the introduction of a wide vocabulary for children. Hilary comes from a teaching background having taught English up to 'A' Level and taught phonics to very many children. 'Surtsey the Cat' is a wholly British product having been printed by Butler, Tanner and Dennis, in Somerset. This unique, treasure book is a must. Wholesale : GBP70 for box of ten

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Hilary Roper (4)
Hilary Roper (4)
Pattersand Press (2)
210 x 297 mm.
picture books, illustrated books, stories

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