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The Lion and the Bird


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Hardback Edition 2015

A summary…

  • A lion and a bird with a broken wing form an unlikely friendship
  • Sharing stories in front of the fire, taking sleigh rides and more
  • Will the Lion and the Bird have to say goodbye in the summer?

Review by Boolino

The fall is coming. The lion is working in his garden and suddenly hears a noise. He looks around him and discovers a wounded bird on the ground. The other birds leave, beginning their annual migration. The lion picks up the injured bird, places him on his mane so that he doesn’t get cold and takes him home, where he offers to let him stay for the winter. So the lion and the bird spend all of these happy months together, glad that they have one another. Spring returns, then the summer and the birds that had returned during the good weather leave again. They are joined by the bird that is the character of this story. Although he knows that “sometimes life is like that", the lion feels lonely and longs for the company of his friend. And then spring returns, and with it the bird, who this time will decide to spend the winter with him.

The Lion and the Bird is a moving story in which the passing of time, friendship and longing are central themes. Marianne Dubuc masterfully plays with tender and evocative illustrations, with simple lines and warm colors. Page after page, we the readers become more immersed in this story, which invites us on a journey through the seasons, to witness this relationship of true friendship between these two characters, their necessary and inevitable separation and their much-awaited reunion. The simplicity of this story will encourage younger children to explore this book: while initially, this will be a way of introducing them to animals and helping them to recognize the passing of the seasons, as they grow older they will fill this story with their own new experiences, feelings and knowledge.

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Synopsis by publisher

A lion in dungarees and a bird with a broken wing form an unlikely friendship when they meet one autumn day. As the pair watch the other birds in the flock fly away, Lion takes it upon himself to care for his new friend. Soon the pair are sharing stories in front of the fire, taking sleigh rides and whiling away winter evenings in their slippers. Then, one day spring arrives. And so too do the other birds. Will Lion and Bird have to say goodbye to their friendship for the summer?

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Book details

Marianne Dubuc (6)
Marianne Dubuc (6)
Book Island (13)
3-6 years
246 x 310 mm. 460 g.
picture books, stories, illustrated books
animal books, animal stories, friendship, the four seasons, passing of time

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