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Where Animals Hide


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Hard cover Edition 2016

A summary…

  • Try to find the hidden animals
  • Use a magic torch to help find them
  • Great interactive and educational book for ages 5 to 8

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It is often difficult to see animals in the wild because they hide so well.

The magic torch in this book helps you find them in long grass, in thickets, through dense foliage, in holes underground and in well-camouflaged dens and nests on the ground, in trees, on cliff tops and even in snow and ice.

Illustrated information books in hardback for children aged 5 to 8 years. Children explore the microworld of insects, fish, plants, animals and places. The “magic torch” reveals captivating details in the illustrations hidden on the darkened pages.

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Sylvaine Peyrols (11)
Moonlight Publishing (78)
5-8 years
Hard cover

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